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Optimize businesses

Pitch like a pro

3 to 4 hours - 1 to 4 people

You want to make sure that the presentation or speech you’ve prepared, is any good.
During this session, we become your client. You pitch and present to us – we’ll tell you what you can improve in your message, flow and way of presenting.
After this session, you know what makes a great story.
You’ll nail it during your next presentation!


1 to 5 days - 20 to 300 people

Also known as an innovation bootcamp or co-creation workshop, a hackathon is an ideal way to go from business challenge to a solution in a short time span. An important aspect here is the background of participants: the more diverse, the better. We mix students and professionals from inside as well as outside your industry, and build viable solutions, fit for your business model. After the hackathon, we kick off your in-company track where we further build on these solutions, and implementing them within your business and services.

Business model design

2 to 3 days - 3 to 20 people

Together with your team, we analyze your current business model. We’ll identify strengths, threats and opportunities. By using creative exercises, we’ll come up with a multitude of ideas to optimize your business. Next, we focus on validation of those ideas.
We’ll round up the workshop with a pitching session, where the results are shared in the team and with the board.

Organizational models

3 to 6 months - 2 to 20 people

When your company is growing or going through a change process, it’s only logical that your organizational model is also growing and changing. By developing a clear strategy and vision, supported by every stakeholder involved, organizational challenges can be addressed in a constructive and positive way.
By doing so, your company will be able to grow strategically as well as sustainably.

Technology deep dive

1 day - 5 to 100 people

We immerse your employees in a specific technology during one day.
Via workshops, keynotes and experience, we immerse your employees in a specific technology. They also learn how to apply this within your organization. Virtual reality, blockchain, artificial intelligence, … are just some of the topics which can be covered.
“How can we apply this technology in our company?” is the central question of this day.

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