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Creativity in the workplace

Improvisation training

1 to multiple days - 1 to 20 people

Ready to introduce playfulness in your organization? Improvisation is the art of being able to anticipate to changes and the unexpected. Or was that called innovation?
In this interactive training, you’ll get to work individually, in duo and in groups. A proven methodology which encourages cooperation, personal development, creativity and confidence, and above all is fun? We’re on our way!

Lego serious play workshop

1 to 3 days - 5 to 15 people

By intertwining play in your company strategy, problems are being made visible, and imagination of participants is stimulated.
Via group discussions, knowledge sharing and play, we get to know other insights and solutions, ready to be implemented in your company. And most of all: supported by your employees.

Visual thinking workshop

1 to 2 days - 4 to 15 people

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll get to work with visual elements, and learn how to use these in meetings, brainstorm sessions, workshops, daily work, and so much more. The power of visual content improves communication and cooperation and makes ideas clear in a single glance. Where visual info is being remembered for 65%, spoken info only accounts for about 10%. The importance can’t be underestimated and will definitely be of value in your company. After this workshop, you can get to work yourself by using specific techniques and a toolbox.


1 day

Efficient and effective: that’s how we facilitate your meeting, strategic reflection or workshop. We get participants going and coach solution-oriented.
By doing so, decisions can be made quick while maintaining a positive focus.
In short: we make meetings work.

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