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People and workplace culture

Leadership program

6 months - 1 person

Getting yourself and your business to do better, is what this program is all about. You set the pace – we make sure that you grow as a leader and as a person.
We define specific elements you want to improve and develop a tailormade program.
How can you inspire yourself and the people around you, to do better, every day?

Innovation manager coaching

6 months - 1 person

At Junction, we have worked in a multitude of industries, seeing how businesses need to be able to adapt in order to stay relevant.
If you’re looking to play a leading role in nurturing innovation and change within your company, this program is right for you.

Self-organization and self-steering teams: introduction

2 days - 5 to 15 people

You’ll get to know the fundamentals of what it takes to evolve towards more self-steering in teams.
We’ll go into depth in different meanings and possibilities of self-management, and discover what would work in your organization.

Self-steering teams: development program

3 to 12 months - 4 to 10 people

Together with your team, we set up a tailormade program, guiding your team or organization towards more self-steering. Teams and individuals will be able to take ownership, to see opportunities in challenges and to act on it.
We’ll set up a framework in which your team has the freedom to make decisions and execute on them – always taking into account what’s best for the company.

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