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Innovation track “Working together works”


The innovation track focused on improving team culture and cooperation between teams from different departments. We worked on the following topics: Information flow between different departments – not only about processes but also about the mission and vision of the company; change & optimization of the meeting culture; managing the balance between own core tasks and organization wide tasks.
We facilitated multiple sessions in these 3 tracks.


The Flemish government – department of Work & Social Economy is responsible for the policy coordination and development, monitoring and maintaining the Flemish employment policy. It also strengthens employment in regular works, non-profit and social economy in Flanders.

Our services:

Preparation and facilitation of the people and workplace culture track, in close cooperation with the people involved.
Organizing multiple workshops between June and October within the 3 topics, making sure the solutions proposed will be implemented within the company’s strategy.
Individual teamcoaching.


June - October 2018

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